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Released a set of new features on bit.ly, these are the five things that I am using most.

1. Posting bit.ly URLs directly to twitter from bit.ly.     After shortening an URL in bit.ly, the new interface lets you add text and post to twitter from the bit.ly page


2. The new bookmarklet grabs highlighted text from a web page, shortens the URL, then places these into a twitter-able message (the panel bookmarklet still works as it used to).


3. Im using the information pages a lot.     They now offer traffic, conversation, and metadata information on each shortened URL. Click “Info” on any shortened URL and you see extensive data on referring sources, conversations on popular social networking services (twitter, delicious, friendfeed), and recognized metadata contained in the web page.


3b.   Once you sign into bit.ly you can generate you own bit.ly URL and compare it to other people who have shared the same page to track relative traffic data.   I like this a lot — useful.


4. New bitly Accounts lets you retrieve your complete History while remembering your twitter credentials for faster posting. You can also store multiple twitter accounts with bit.ly and select which one to use at post time.