The betaworks 2015 book

I wrote several essays for the betaworks 2015 book and posted three of them online.  Here’s a quick summary and links to the three.

A critique of artificial intelligence is the longest one — I went on a deep dive into AI and wrote about why I believe the integration of computing into ourselves is transBetaworks_Logo1 copyforming us and our world faster than any external singularity event. You can read the full post here and I included an Instapaper folder of all the background reading here.  The folder is titled AI, IFTTW — that was my working title for the post — Artificial Intelligence, If this, then what.

Second.  Gilad and I did a post about media hacking.   Last year we saw a series of incidents where media was hacked by Russian media / bots.  Interesting stuff.  Finally. I posted a review of betaworks investment performance.  Its 6+ years that we have been investing at betaworks – we did the math and figured out what we invested and how the returns look so far.

Thats it for now.  I need to give this blog some love, its become a link blog.