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RSS Community Meetup

DSC00787Dave Winer posted the idea of a RSS community meet-up this weekend.  A good idea, in the middle of a steamy New York summer the world of RSS is rumbling once again. Google’s exit from the reader market has created a vacuum and nature abhors vacuums.  At betaworks we have been developing RSS related products for a while now — superfeedr, twitterfeed and more recently bloglovin and the new digg reader.

RSS is about more than readers — it’s about notifications, alerts, it’s about writing, reading and reading lists — and more generally it’s about publishing about the push architecture of the web.  Bringing people together in this space across startups, tech companies, publishers and academia is a good idea.  I hope the meet-up happens, if we can help catalyze this in anyway, happy to.  If you have comments please post them over on Dave’s post.

And reminder: today is the last day to export your data, your reading list, from Google Reader. Here is a how to: bit.ly/15g7P5t

Pando fireside chat

This is a long interview. It covers a broad range of topics from early days of betaworks, to why and how the studio model works, to how New York has become a tech center.