How Bloomberg does interviews …

I did a live interview last Friday on Bloomberg TV.  It was interesting.  A conversation about the early stage technology environment, increases in the cycles of change, new things at betaworks and the Facebook IPO.

Borthwick on Facebook IPO, Betaworks' StrategyMay 12 (Bloomberg) — John Borthwick, chief executive officer of Betaworks, talks about the company's investment strategy in technology startups, Facebook Inc.'s pending initial public offering and the outlook for its shares and competition.


If the subject of the Facebook IPO and the acceleration of the rate of technology change interests you there are two other posts on the subject I saw this weekend.

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Back to Bloomberg and the live interview

Live TV is always interesting, I dont enjoy it but I love the fact that its live, its your words, no editing possible. That aside, the way that Bloomberg do these segments is fascinating. The host is wired up, standing in the atrium of the Bloomberg building, producer jammed into her ear.  She has two screens in front of her, both are bloomberg terminals, running windows.  First check out that keyboard, Bloomberg terminals and airport checkin are the only places you see things like that.  Back to the screens.   From what I could gather one on the right was email and a chat window.  Email was moving fast, a stream of a message or so every few minutes, Twitter sending new follows, notifications, @mentions, etc.  On the left was an application to let the host compose real time a feed into her teleprompter.

The segment began with a discussion of Facebook and Google.  Part way through it the producer (in her ear) tells her there is a breaking story about JP Morgan.   As soon as there is a pause she says “we are going to jump to a breaking story after the advertising break”.   During the ad’s she composes the introduction to the breaking story on the screen on the left.

Its fascinating to watch the process, only thing that is missing is a chartbeat terminal with a live feed of user metrics (ie: who is watching what).   The way media is made is changing as the real time stream is becomes an integral part of the creation / production process.