series b

I’m excited to announce that has completed a Series B funding.   The details are on the blog The round was led by RRE Ventures, general partner, Eric Wiesen will be joining the board.    It’s been an amazing two and a half years since the founding of   Growth has been the focus for much of the time — managing the growth and managing to continue to push new product out, on the site and through the API.

So far this year over 40.6 billion links have been clicked, last month alone the number was almost 6bn (5.96bn to be exact).  The chart below shows the daily clicks volume — what we call decodes — the blue line is daily clicks, where you can see the variance around each week (ie: higher of weekdays, lower click volume on the weekend) and the red line is a 3 week moving average.   This past tuesday we had our biggest day ever of links created.    There have been over 4bn unique URL’s that have been shortened using — for every one of these and for all the 40+bn clicks offers real time metrics with the simple addition of a “+” at the end of every link (ie: for traffic to this page see:   All this growth and progress has happened because of our team and our users.

Thank you — we love our users and the team at is one of the best I have ever worked with, so thank you.     We now have much more work to do as we build out what is now a cornerstone of the real time / social web.