We just pushed out the new bookmarklet.    You can still go to and shorten your URL’s and get all the information about the URL — but we have also made all of this functionality available without you having to leave the page you are interested in.

#1. Go to and drag the link circled below into you browser toolbar.

#2. When you are on a page, click the link in your browser and automagically a tile comes up that shortens the URL, lets you send it to someone (email or twitter) and see information or conversations about that page.

#3. There is no third step.    See the screen shot below of a post on AVC — with showing information about where Fred’s post got shared and how often.


  1. [...] THINK / Musings :: v2 – v2 includes a bookmarklet that produces an overlay window with information about how the link has been shared by others. [...]