Alexa whiplash

Early in the week Fotolog's Alexa rating nose dived:

Alexa nose dive

And then 2 days later, we were up at #11 worldwide:

Roaring back

Alexa needs to start to operate more like a business.   They have a huge lead in terms of toolbar based traffic analysis — they might be a standard but the product hasnt evolved much, the toolbar is considered by many to be sypware and there is little to no customer service for publishers.   Quantcast and others are building businesses and Alexa is standing still.    There are quirks in there system that just need to be sorted out, like doubleclick is #200 or so — they have to be reading iframes and banners wrong to track that ranking.   As for our numbers, I know our geo mix is wrong — there should be a way for publishers and users to interface with Alexa.   We have settled back down to #16, a three month average of 21 — #11 was fun for a day.