Flog laps 10M


Just passed 10M member accounts on Fotolog.  What a year it has been, some community metrics / data points.   

  • We have almost doubled our membership so far this year
  • We hit Alexa #17 in the world yesterday (ahead of ebay!), average over the past week is #18, yesterday we were tracking reach of over 2%.
  • Comscore recently logged us as having 4.5M daily unique visitors on a base of 10M member, and 15M monthly uniques
  • Over 20% of our pageviews last month were from Europe.

And the adoption of new products has been very strong.   When we launched Fotolog Messenger three weeks ago we had 1.5M people try it out in the first 15 hrs.  As of Friday we had 3,193,618 members who had enabled the messenger feature, almost a third of everyone, who ever, over the past 5 years opened and used an account with us? ! That's, one engaged membership.  

Thank you to our members, thank you to our team in NY and thank you to everyone who helped make this happen — its a privilege to be part of this great social media network.   We are figuring out who is member #10M is and do something special.  We will also be launching more new features on Fotolog this week than ever before in our history — 10M or not, this was always going to be a big week!


  • http://www.graphita.com Andrew Lockwood

    Fotologs is having great success, and you have to ask why?.

    Undoubtedly the interface is well executed, clean and easy to use. But more fundamentally, it is appealing to the increased desire of human beings for creative self expression. There is a reaction going on to the increased homogenization of the world with Starbucks on every corner. People want to be able to differentiate, and create things that express their own distinctive views and personalities. Fotologs is part of the movement to “give the world a visual voice” as people are tired of dragging their eyes across endless screens of text. Napoleon Bonaparte a long time ago said “a picture tells a thousand words” and that possibility is now even greater due to the mass availability of high resolution digital cameras.

    Should Fotolgs consider opening it’s platform to offer its users other tools to add to their ability to express themselves, in the same way that Facebook has recently?. For example, http://www.graphita.com has just launched a new and free “Live Studio” service that makes the adding of digital effects to photos point and click easy. This is totally complementary to Fotologs, and would further enable it’s users to make their photos connect and communicate.

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