Java time

Big changes at Fotolog last week — we shipped the new Fotolog memberpage.  It is written in Java, an update from the old PHP code that goes back to the founding of the site.   Results are coming in and it looks like significant performance gains across the board.  

First the member experience has improved — the new page is cleaner and has a faster response time.   But in addition, we are now serving the site on less than half the boxes that we were using.  

Registrations are up — over the weekend we are seeing our daily registrations up over 35% given the improved performance and a requirement to register to post a guest book message.  Revenue lift from Google is trending up approximately 15% given additional contextual data from the guestbooks. 

This new code base will allow us to innovate much more on the member experience — that is why we made this change — we did expect to realize some other benefits.  But these across the board immediate gains are far broader than I expected.  


  • albert

    me and friends and familiy we are on fotolog (as gold camera member at least 4 of us) since years ago. we are so sad about the new design of the personal pages. It is far worst than the “classical”.
    the new changes report a lot of diary problems.
    You decided that only fotolog members can post on my paying Fotolog, I didn’t sign that never. please, we would like to found our original fotolog, with free or not posting on Gold Camera members at our decision.
    you work to do it better every day, we know, but these days things are going wrong.
    regards from barcelona.

  • John

    Albert thanks for your note. Specifically what dont you like about the new pages? Very helpful to get details. And thanks you for your comments — we are working hard to make Flog better and better, many people are happy with the changes, would like to understand why you are not.