Now Alexa is tracking Fotolog as #15 in the world, with reach above 2% for the first time??!@?   Facebook is at 2.055% and they have had 80% growth in the past 3 months.    Yes, yes I know Alexa has its limitations but Comscore, Alexa, Quantcast all pointing to solid growth.

Fotolog snapshot from June 26th on Alexa

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    Taking those same numbers from Alexa, you have the following breakdown. users come from these countries:
    Chile 50.9%
    Argentina 17.5%
    Brazil 11.2%
    Mexico 6.3%

    Around 86% of your users are from the above 4 countries, with 68% coming from Chile and Argentina, ~51% from Chile alone, two relatively small and poor countries: Chile 12K GDP per capita, 12 million people; Argentina 15K GDP per capita, 40 million people. Taking those numbers, 68% of your users come from a population of around 50 million with ~50% of your users from a base of 12 million people (Chile).

  • John

    Alexa’s geographical data isn’t good or even directionally accurate. Take the Chile stat — this is a number that we actually have a good handle on from Google analytics, the number looked more like 15-20% in May. You have to work through these data sources carefully comparing them to one another. Quantcast has Fotolog clipping 28M uniques, I believe the Comscore number is more accurate at 15M.