Geo tagging and search

Interesting snap shot of data. I took 2 photos and posted them on flickr. Photo's are both of pretty much the same thing. I tagged both of them switzerland, which is the location for both but one of them I geo-tagged with lat/long details. The other one i didnt. 4 days later and the one that is geotagged has 61 views and the one that is not has 1 view (which incidentally was me). People seem to be searching flickr for lat/lon a lot more than I expected. I just added the lat/long to the other one to see what happens.

  • Rod Edwards

    John – you may want to take a look at the “Geotagging Flickr” group at:

    Personally, I run a geo site that maps Flickr photos (among a tonne of other things). Your switzerland photo (I think) is here:

    Finally, I have a Flickr geotagging tool that makes it extremely easy to add geotags to your pics:

    There’s lots of discussion on my Flickr service here:

    Final note, is that I also have a tag generator for blog posts, which blockrocker will then pick up and map via technorati:

    There you have it. There’s quite the geotagging subculture out there!


  • John

    Thks Rod. Seems like you are seeking to geo tag everything. I used your flickr/blockrocker tool to add geo-tags to other photos — useful.

    Did wonder whether there was a protocol for tagging something with approx. lat/lon vs. exact lat/lon?

  • Rod Edwards

    Hi John – I’d like to geotag as much as makes sense, for sure. I started all in response to travel planning and home shopping – and found geotagging to be very useful.

    At any rate – there isn’t a protocol that I know of for descibing a rough area. (IIRC) uses rectangles to designate areas about which information can be written, but I haven’t implemented anything similar myself, instead relying on people to pick an arbitrary point in the area and work off of that.

    If you think there’s a compelling enough reason to implement a “fuzzy geotag” let me know, and i’ll look into it.


  • John

    It will be interesting to see how we differentiate precise lat/lon from general areas. I wonder if there shouldnt be a tag for general vs. precise. Or fuzzy as you call it — appropriate name.