May 2006
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Day May 27, 2006

Geo tagging and search

Interesting snap shot of data. I took 2 photos and posted them on flickr. Photo's are both of pretty much the same thing. I tagged both of them switzerland, which is the location for both but one of them I geo-tagged with lat/long details. The other one i didnt. 4 days later and the one that is geotagged has 61 views and the one that is not has 1 view (which incidentally was me). People seem to be searching flickr for lat/lon a lot more than I expected. I just added the lat/long to the other one to see what happens.

The attention game / how long it takes to drop into the vortex

I am intrigued about how long it takes for a piece of media to get sucked into the vortex of net attention. I found an old photo i took that is amusing — Boris Becker was sitting in front of me on a flight to london back in 2003. The photo is only interesting re; what he was reading.