May 2006
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Day May 22, 2006


The water in our town of approx. 150 people went off today. We inquired as to when it was going to get turned on again … we were told was “when they are done working on it”…

Machinima, Halo, Google Earth and what film could look like by 2010

Machinima is starting to get more and more interesting as a media form.    See this wonderful intereview with Malcolm Maclaren — a walk in the park with punks impresario.    Or this commmentary on net neutrality — or this parody of the bouncing ball / Sony commercial.    Now take a look at the preview of Halo 3 — and then play around with Google Earth and sketch up for a bit.    The lines between what we know of as media, content, mapping and gaming are going to get completely blurred.