A new ball game?

Cringley piece on Apple’s boot camp is worth a read. I think he overrates the importance of the OS — its yesteryears battle. And he under rates the importance of tightly coupled experiences for Apple and the Job’s team. I don’t believe Job’s is interested in having OSX run on OEM PC’s. Apple advantage today is a tightly coupled, CE like experience.

  • trevor k.

    he’s right. once bootcamp can toggle between win and osx it will be interesting…this cant be far off.

  • John

    The primary reason why i would want access to alternative OS’s on my desktop is about application access. As applications move on to the web this becomes less and less interesting.

    I am interested in the possibility of using bootcamp or parallels to clean out an OS of virus/adware related stuff. That was an interesting sideline to the boot camp story.

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