February 2006
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Month February 2006

Multitouch interface

This is a video of technology that is underdevelopment allowing the user to interact with a screen using more than one finger at a time . Its beautiful to watch and it offers a glimmer on how interaction with people, media and services is going to evolve. It makes me want to touch and play with it, the organge bubbles are great. (also available on youtube, see here. thks to Jerrys list for link)

A torch

The other day I was taking one of my children into Como. We came across some traffic, a police escort starting coming towards us in the opposite lane. I thought it must be a local dignitary or maybe the local soccer team — but after a while we figured out that the Olympic torch was coming our way. A young school aged girl was holding the torch. I took a snap with my motorola phone, not great quality but here it is.


This could become a rant about phones and how hard it is to move personal media off them, to save, share or publish but for now leaving this as a picture of a wonderful moment of happenstance.